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A Visual Cuba Trip by Enzo Iriarte

“If a person didn’t come to an end, if s/he didn’t dissolve, things would lose their capacity to touch and move ourselves. Indeed, it’s in its uncertainty where life’s most precious gift lies. “When one gives up love on someone else and that lack of pertinence comes to play, even if that person keeps being the same.” The tiny sorrow which goes with a flower drying up, the sense of ending which exists in all things.” I believe in the beauty of all ephemeral things, natural beauty and the implausible. I believe in love and death, do we love thus we’re loved to die OR do we die to love and be loved? Everything comes to an end, whatever the reason may be. A river is itself a river because it ends in the sea, and that’s always like that. It is that constant uncertainty which makes us feel alive. Good things never die.”

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