Best of the Month - Vol. 3

Best of the Month - Vol. 3

We're nearing the end of 2017's fourth month already, but things are starting to heat up. With summer on the horizon we're finally approaching sunglasses season. It's been a busy month here at Tens HQ launching our 2017 campaign, but we've still been collating our favourite things from April. Here are our most-loved finds, photos, accounts & tunes from the past 4 weeks. 

Enjoy, and share if you're feelin' them! 


Best of the Web

Although it's now sold out through June, the colourfully cool Museum of Ice Cream has been catching our eye from across the pond. The immersive experience hit Los Angeles last weekend and features 10 candy-coloured galleries with installations of ice cream-themed art and a little bit of science, and samples of sweet, sweet frozen goodness along the way. There are no tickets left but you can virtually taste the experience via their Instagram here


Minimalist Japanese home goods brand MUJI released their own pre-fab wooden huts. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the huts also offer practical weekend getaway solutions for city-dwellers wishing to escape. Learn more here.

"It’s not as dramatic as owning a house or a vacation home, but it’s not as basic as going on a trip." explains MUJI. "Put it in the mountains, near the ocean, or in a garden, and it immediately blends in with the surroundings, inviting you to a whole new life. This was the vision behind our radically new MUJI hut concept." 



This beautiful new video for Bonobo's 'Bambro Koyo Ganda' ft. Innov Gnawa transports you all over the world, showcasing shots and timelapses that subtly pulse with the beat of the song.



Google Earth just released their most impressive update to date. Way more detail, a 'Voyager' feature, and collaboration videos with BBC Earth to explore the incredible natural diversity around the world. Set aside some time in your day to explore here



Also based in Scotland, the Solarcan by Sam Cornwell is a genius photographic invention allowing you to capture exposures of the sun's path over many months. Once set up the Solarcan will capture the Sun's path as it traverses across the sky. Every day the Sun will rise slightly higher or lower depending on the season and create a new path. Over weeks, months or even years, depending on your patience, a beautiful image will begin to form inside the Solarcan on photosensitive card. Check them out on Kickstarter here.



Tens Soundtrack

It's been a great month for new music! Here are some of our office favourites. A special mention to our friend mtbrd whose music you will have heard in our SS17 'Daydreamers' video. He's just made his album 'Smoovies' available on Spotify, and you can listen to the whole thing here. Who else should we be checking out?

 Who to Follow

Here are some of our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram. If you know anybody that we should be following, let us know! This month we've got @simone_cihlar, @neilkrug, @pat_kay, @twintheworld & @jayzombie. Click on the photos to see more of their work. 


Best of #FilterYourWorld

At Tens we put our community first, no matter what it is that we're up to. Here's where we share some of our favourite customer photos with Tens from the last month. We love seeing your tags with Tens, so be sure to tag us + #FilterYourWorld for your chance to be featured!

Photos submitted (in order) by @gaaddison, @jordan.w.hay, @ilsignorfranz, @nclrnld & @afterthelaughtercomestears.


What things have you discovered this month? Are we missing anything? Message us on Facebook with suggestions!

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