Does the lens protect your eyes from harmful rays and are they polarised?

Our Original lens is a Category 3 tinted lens while our Boulevard, Spectachrome and Tropic High collections feature a Category 2 tinted lens. All lenses offer full UVA and UVB protection, and block 100% of harmful rays.

Our sunglasses aren’t polarised. The reason for this is that our perfect lens tint is not possible with the addition of polarisation filters.

Our lens provides a clear and balanced view filled with depth, which makes Tens very comfortable to wear whilst driving and participating in sports.

What makes the lens special in comparison to other lenses?

We have spent years working with our suppliers to create a perfect, sense-heightening tint. Custom designed and dip-dyed, the rich red-amber tones of Tens Original lens is designed to add warmth and natural colour definition in high-mid and low-light conditions and tonal environments.

New for 2020:

Our Boulevard collection features a magenta and violet-blue lens offering balanced and textured light definition in a variety of conditions from full Californian midday sun to soft tropical sunsets.

Spectachrome returns delivering a mesmerising colour shift, combining rich emerald greens and accentuated citron tones. A view that transports the user to a whimsical world of vintage and celluloid film.

Tropic High delivers a nostalgia inducing and uplifting lens tint, featuring rich golden tones and a seamless blend into a mood enhancing viridescent. Escape to a poolside paradise no matter your surroundings.

To our knowledge, there are no other sunglasses available on the market that will offer you as pleasurable a view as Tens.

What are your frames made from?

Designed in Scotland and developed with our dedicated friends and supply partners in France, Italy and Hong Kong our acetate frames are made from plant-based acetates sourced through selected suppliers including Italy's Mazzucchelli; our wire frames are constructed from a lightweight, brushed finish stainless steel.

Our lenses are produced using optical-grade and hi-clarity CR39 material dip-dyed to Tens specifications.

Additionally our high quality Italian components include metal core-wiring allowing all frames to be hand-adjusted.

Something’s not right. Can I exchange or return these?

Yes of course! Please visit 'Good Vibes Guarantee' or 'Returns policy' on the left for more information.

How secure is your website?

Our store and checkout process is built on the Shopify e-commerce platform. All credit card and transaction information is protected by the same level of security used by banks: a 256-bit SSL certificate.