Product Care


Tens are designed to be robust, durable, scratch-resistant and provide superior comfort. Always keep the lenses free from dirt, debris and contact with rough surfaces. We recommend that you frequently clean your sunglasses by rinsing with water to remove dust and dirt, and using the microfibre bag or soft material to dry. Avoid all types of solvents and alcohol when rinsing. Following these steps will minimise any damage or alteration to the frame or filter characteristics.


When not in use, store inside the microfibre bag and/or hardcase provided in a dry place out of direct sunlight, at a temperature between -10 and +35 degrees Celsius.

Wear & Tear

Acetate isn’t brittle like plastic you’ll find in regular sunglasses, it can be modified and shaped to fit your size and use. If your Tens become out of shape over time, you can take them to your local optometrist for adjustment.

If the hinge screws loosen over time, these can be tightened.

Tens is not liable for any damage.


Original Collection: Category 3

Boulevard Collection: Category 2

Spectachrome Collection: Category 2

Tropic High Collection: Category 2

Our lenses feature full UVA and UVA protection blocking 100% of harmful rays all year round. The filter category number between 0-4 is indicated on the packaging and can be found next to the barcode. For recommended use please see the following:

CATEGORY 0 Lightweight sunglasses providing very limited sunlight reduction for indoor and cloudy weather use

CATEGORY 1 Lightweight sunglasses providing limited sunlight reduction for low brightness days.

CATEGORY 2 Sunglasses for general use providing good sunlight protection for medium brightness days.

CATEGORY 3 Sunglasses for general use providing high protection from sunlight on bright light days.

CATEGORY 4 Very dark sunglasses for special applications providing very high sunlight protection in extreme bright light. 



Tens are NOT suitable for: 

  • driving in twilight or at night
  • direct observation of the sun
  • use as eye protection against mechanical impact hazard

Our sunglasses comply with European Directive 89/686/EEC in accordance with Standard EN ISO 12312-1:2013+A1:2015