Best of the Month - Vol. 1

Best of the Month - Vol. 1

At Tens, we're forever excited and inspired by all that's going on across our community and beyond. As a way of sharing more about what we're into (it isn't just sunglasses), we have curated our favourite news stories, songs, Instagram accounts and some of the best community photos we've come across.

Enjoy, and look out for next month's! 

Best of the Web

NASA has discovered not one, but SEVEN similarly Earth-sized planets which all orbit a single star 40 lightyears away. Due to the range of temperatures that some of these have, there could potentially be life of some form in this system. To celebrate their discovery, NASA released this stunning retro poster advertising the incredibly far away planets as a family holiday destination. 



Collaborators Mick Farrell & Cliff Haynes created a multi-point pinhole camera out of 32,000 drinking straws. Taking being disconnected from technology to a whole new level...



VSCO, one of our favourite photography communities and essential on-the-go editing app just released their new VSCO X membership package. They're offering their entire 100+ preset library, exclusive new film presets & tools and much more for around $2 per month. 



Aerospace company SpaceX's Elon Musk has announced that they will be sending two yet-unnamed 'tourists' into space for a week-long loop around the moon and (hopefully) back. The two people, who know each other, have paid a "significant deposit" to travel, but will have to go through extreme fitness tests and training to prepare.



Construction is well underway at Dundee's Victoria & Albert design museum. The London outpost was designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, and the V&A have shared a close look at some of the angular structures that will make up Scotland's first design museum. Check out the photos below, and watch an update video from the V&A here



Vox take a look at how David Attenborough's 'Planet Earth' is filmed, and how they make unscripted animal footage look like a feature film. Explore the history of the camera technology used and learn how they make everything look so 'Hollywood'. 


Tens Soundtrack

We've launched a new Spotify playlist which you can follow and soak in during your morning coffee, gazing out of your window seat or simply unwinding at sunset. We will update this every month with our current favourites so be sure to save it out if you're digging it. Click the Spotify logo in the player to open in the app!


Best of Instagram

Take a look at some of our favourite accounts we've come across on Instagram recently. We're always on the hunt for more, so tag us in a comment so we can check you out! This month we're featuring @clotwork@leeorwild@swopes@itsreuben@_joshdutton & @daniirey. Click through the photos to check out their full feeds. 

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Best of #FilterYourWorld

Last but not least, here are some of our favourite community-submitted photos from the past month. We love seeing where you take your Tens all over the world. Want featured? Be sure to tag us in your best photos with Tens on Instagram, using #FilterYourWorld to share your moments. 


Photos submitted (in order) by @omar_coria, @hp_visuals, @chaiwalla, @ross_fairbairn, @brianrapaport, @chiaraguarino__ & @duncshaw


What things have you discovered this month? Are we missing anything? Message us on Facebook with suggestions, and let us know what you think of our new feature! 

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