Best of the Month - Vol. 10

Best of the Month - Vol. 10

Is may be too late to say happy new year, and we know we're a bit late on this month's instalment - but we've been busy! The Tens team has just returned from beautiful Lithuania where we were shooting our 2018 campaign at a studio in the country's capital. All indoors of course, the -15ºC climate outside wasn't particularly suitable for a sunglasses shoot.

Alas, we found some time amongst preparing for what's set to be our most ambitious campaign yet, to share some of our favourite STUFF over the past month. Find the usual music, stories & feeds below to get you through the week. Enjoy!


Best of the Web

Oscar-nominated stop-motion animator PES just released three new super-short films. They feature fishing, some still life fruit and this one below of a Nikon zoom lens being smashed through primes to just a cap. Check them out on his YouTube channel here.


This Wes Anderson inspired cafe 'Budapest' has opened its doors in Changdu, China. It was imagined by Australian design studio Biasol


Photography tech company Kodak announced that they'll be releasing its own photographer-oriented blockchain cryptocurrency used for payments for licensing photographs. It's called KODAKCoin!


Russian photographer Slava Semeniuta captured these abstracted street puddles in Sochi. The series of dramatically-colored photographs isolates neon shop window reflections in puddles and potholes and transforms the captured moments into otherworldly landscapes. Check out more of his work here.


Whilst we're on other-worldly photography, Tom Blachford's 'Nihon Noir' series looks like it was taken straight out of Blade Runner.


The 'Hangover Box' contains everything you need to survive the morning after the night before. Order yours here before regretting you didn't.


Tens Soundtrack

Here are some of our office favourites, both new and old. Who else should we be checking out? Visit our profile on Spotify to check out our previous months' soundtracks.


Who to Follow - Female Edition

 Here are some of our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram, this month it's all women, because why not? If you know anybody that we should be following, especially the female creators then let us know! This month we've got @simotto, @ramenpolanski, @mi_kae, @thisisaliceskinner, @katemoross & @lalorilori.


Best of the Community

At Tens we put our community first, no matter what it is that we're up to. Here's where we share some of our favourite customer photos with Tens from the last month. We love seeing your tags with Tens, so be sure to tag us in them for your chance to be featured! 

Photos submitted (in order) by @trailofus, @thatshitsbuttery, @hanphn, @samsbowl, @ellisdonaldson, @lukesbeard & @louisanastrilytto.


What things have you discovered this month? Are we missing anything? Message us on Facebook with suggestions!

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