Best of the Month - Vol. 6

Best of the Month - Vol. 6

 We're right in the midst of the summer heat, and are back with what's been keeping us intrigued and inspired across the internet over the past month. Here are our favourite things, accounts, tracks and community photos. Hit the go button on the blender for that frozen margarita mix and check out our favourite discoveries from this month.


Best of the Web

Director Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Science of Sleep), shot this whimsical 10-min short film completely on the iPhone 7+. "The best camera is the one that's with you...". Watch Détour below. 


Riley, you're going places, kid...



Apple's chief designer Jonathan Ive has revealed his feelings about the tech giant's new home, as his team prepares to move in, and photos of the building's interior emerge. Read more about Apple Park on Dezeen.



Photographers Jessica Kobeissi & Brandon Woelfel teamed up to see what can be achieved with a $40 toy camera. The state-of-the-art point-and-shoot boasts a MASSIVE 2 megapixels and a 4x zoom, they set out to see what they could capture. Check out the results here.



Japanese architect Hiroshi Sambuichi has staged an ambitious installation within a former underground water reservoir in Copenhagen. The monumental halls of the space, known as cisternerne or The Cisterns, have been transformed into a subterranean landscape, which forms sambuichi’s first major exhibition outside of japan.



Foreignrap is a platform for international rap music in which sounds from across the world are shared for you to enjoy. Choose a country from the drop-down menu, or hit random to shuffle through the plethora of multi-lingual beats and lyricals from all over. Watch / listen here.



Highsnobiety caught up with Australian pro-surfer Nikki van Dijk to discuss family, how she first became interested in the sport, along with her career highs. Watch the lo-fi short film below for an intimately nostalgic, beach-faded day-in-the-life tale.



Finally, we wanted to share Frank Ocean's anti-discrimination tee he wore during his performance at NYC's Panorama Festival. 

"Why be racist, sexist, homopobhic or transphobic when you could just be quiet?"




Tens Soundtrack

Here are some of our office favourites, both new and old. Who else should we be checking out? Visit our profile on Spotify to check out our previous months' soundtracks. 


Who to Follow

Here are some of our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram. If you know anybody that we should be following, let us know! This month we've got, @tinycactus, @jannikestelling, @airlinersvintage & @tombobnyc.


Best of #FilterYourWorld

At Tens we put our community first, no matter what it is that we're up to. Here's where we share some of our favourite customer photos with Tens from the last month. We love seeing your tags with Tens, so be sure to tag us + #FilterYourWorld for your chance to be featured! Every month we will select our favourite photo, and gift a pair of Tens to you!  


Photos submitted (in order) by @humansafari, @ktlphotog, @victoriamouraphoto, @meghanekay & @_iamholt.


What things have you discovered this month? Are we missing anything? Message us on Facebook with suggestions!

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