Best of the Month - Vol. 8

Best of the Month - Vol. 8

We're back to help you hold on to that summer warmth by sharing what we've been sharing together at HQ. Here are our favourite things, accounts, tracks and community photos from the past month - enjoy!  


Best of the Web 

When it comes to travelling, there are so many things out there to make it easier and more enjoyable: products to buy, apps to download, services to use, travel hacks and tips to remember. The problem is finding these today is a chore, and discerning which ones are actually worth your time takes even longer. Wanderprep sifts through it all and distills it down for you, but in a way that respects your time and attention.


This visualisation of a Joshua Tree residence is created from several shipping containers. Each container is orientated to maximise views across the landscape or to use the topography to provide privacy, depending on their individual use.


Following the release of iOS11's ARKit for iPhones - IKEA released their 'Place' app which allows you to accurately visualise their furniture right there in your room using the phone's camera. It's not quite available outside of US & Canada yet but keep your eyes peeled.


This guy flew his drone onto, inside, and UNDER a MOVING TRAIN! 


Some good news for once. Snow Leopards are now no longer listed as endangered 🙌🏼 is basically a Google Street View of New York City from the 80s. Over 800,000 images are included, giving voyeurs a window into the world of each neighborhood. By clicking on selected areas of the city, one can look into the past, and learn a few things about the city that never sleeps. 


Tens Soundtrack

Here are some of our office favourites, both new and old. Who else should we be checking out? Visit our profile on Spotify to check out our previous months' soundtracks.


Who to Follow

Here are some of our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram. If you know anybody that we should be following, let us know! This month we've got @azumamakoto, @hearwhatyousee (an aural / visual project by Ta-Ku), @jamesxneilson (music illustrator), @abduzeedo & @kylopomsky.


Best of You

Here we would normally feature a selection of our favourite tagged photos with Tens from you, the community. This month has been just as incredible, if not even better as you caught the last of those summer rays. This month though, we wanted to share this great video that was sent into us from Nick Afchain. Watch 'America: A Moving Postcard' featuring DJ Big Al & his Tortoiseshell Classics


What things have you discovered this month? Are we missing anything? Message us on Facebook with suggestions!



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