Best of the Month - Vol. 14

Best of the Month - Vol. 14

We've now passed the year's halfway point and we are FREAKING OUT! It's okay though because some pretty good things have happened in the past month. We saw some dogs, drank outside and Glasgow (where Tens HQ is based) reached its hottest temperature ever. Like... officially. So that was hot.

Here are some fresh picks we've found recently for you to look at, listen to and read about. Don't worry, absolutely no f**tball chat here.

Best of the Web

YouTuber thepeterson makes video montages that pull together clips from pop culture days of yore, highlighting what movies and TV shows the masses were watching, what they were listening to on the radio, and what video games they were playing. In the latest one, June 1998 is put into the spotlight. Prepare to take a (possibly nostalgic) trip down memory lane to see what was "in" twenty years ago last month.

Every once in awhile you stumble across an ad so outlandish you wonder if it’s actually a fever dream. In Ikea Canada’s recent Pride spot "Dräg", drag queens are draped in everything from shower curtains to laundry bags to magnets. The company collaborated with Toronto-based queens to construct the playfully inventive outfits. 

The Diana instant square camera is the first Instax camera with interchangeable lenses & a hot-shoe mount. It's just launched on Kickstarter with the bold statement "The Hell With Perfection — Freedom for Photography!". The campaign has reached around 250% funding, but you can still pledge and check it out here.

Rashida Jones & Donald Glover team up to create this simple, illustrated PSA about sexual harassment in the workplace for 'Time's Up'.  

 'An Ode to Late Nights on Limewire' is a nostalgic love letter to our favourite P2P sharing platform from our teenage years. "I PROMISE IT'S LEGAL, MUM!". Read the article here.

Photographer Raymond Rojas takes an alternative, surreal glance at 'The Happiest Place on Earth'. See Disneyland in a new, muted light over on Amuse here.


Tens Soundtrack

Here are some of our office favourites, mostly new, some old. Who else should we be checking out? Visit our profile on Spotify to check out our previous months' soundtracks.


Who to Follow

Here are some of our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram. If you know anybody that we should be following, let us know! This month we've got @ariellevey, @johnrandolphhh, @burrent, @keepingfinn & @xomatok. 




At Tens we put our community first, no matter what it is that we're up to. Here's where we share some of our favourite photos with Tens from the last month. We love seeing your tags with Tens, so be sure to tag us in them for your chance to be featured!


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