Kegelbahns - The Aesthetics of 9-Pin Bowling

Kegelbahns - The Aesthetics of 9-Pin Bowling

“I like to show places in ways people don’t usually see them, Kegeln was a big deal when I was a child. These days, the bowling alleys are becoming rare and traditional ones are about to die.”

Robert Goetzfried is an professional photographer and graphic designer currently based in Munich. For his project “Bowling Alleys”, Robert has traveled all over Germany to capture the country’s vibrant bowling alleys or 'Kegelbahns'.

The sport was huge in '80s Germany, and the halls served as extremely popular hangouts. Most of these alleys are found underneath restaurants, beer taverns and town halls, so groups would gather to laugh, drink and bowl (think Big Lebowski). Goetzfried commented on the juxtaposition of wild weekends against the clean lines of the walls meeting the lanes. Very #AccidentalWesAnderson.

Mesmerised by the shapes of the Kegelbahns, Robert has captured everything from single-alley spots under Italian restaurants, to Europe's largest American bowling center at 52 lanes. 

View the gallery below, and check out more of Robert's work via Instagram.

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