Crowdfunding Our New Collection

Crowdfunding Our New Collection

The eyewear industry has long been dominated by a handful of multi-billion dollar companies, making the landscape very difficult for smaller brands like Tens to thrive in. It is a fiercely competitive market, both online and offline. Whilst the story of Tens so far has been a success; the reality is that we still face the daily challenge of being up against the giants. 

We’re launching our all-new 2017 collection as a pre-order on Kickstarter at a special discounted price. We work hard to constantly deliver a high-quality product, and this year we’ve been able to source improved materials across the range. This includes the finest-grade Mazzucchelli acetate, originating from the renewable resources of wood pulp and natural cotton fibres.

Essentially, we are able to launch our finest product to date via Kickstarter, whilst keeping the price tag even further below that of the giants. We’ve worked to keep the cost to you, the backer, as low as we can without ever jeopardising quality. Kickstarter allows us to do this as we can accurately predict quantities when we place our order with the supplier.

We’re passionate about the product experience that we’ve got to offer and we can’t wait to share it with you all. In addition, we’ll be giving a limited edition Tens t-shirt to the first 100 backers of our all-new collection. We really do hope that you like it and whether you’re a new backer of Tens or have been with us since the beginning, we’re hugely grateful for your support.

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