Making Of - Our New Poolside Set

Making Of - Our New Poolside Set

From moodboard to pool party - behind the scenes of our new photography set 

Grab a piña colada and hit the pool! We had this idea where we could set up a mini poolside scene and our sunglasses would sunbathe on loungers and float by on tiny lie-lows, like a real life Club Tropicana ☀️ 

The idea came from our love of pool parties, tropical drinks (with the little umbrellas in them) and of course, summer.  So, we headed to Pinterest in search of inspiration and came across the stuff of Miami dreams. Check it out...


Remember when you were a kid and someone always had one of those cool Barbie swimming pools with the mini sun loungers? That’s when we realised we could possibly make this happen. With photos of Christmas in the 90s at hand, we went looking for the toys our big sisters used to have, put our tiling skills to good use and created our very own palm-tree-worthy paradise 🌴


Sit on a lounger and drink something icy - welcome to the Tens pool party 🍹



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