Mammoth Lakes

Mammoth Lakes

Behind The Scenes


For the pivotal shoot of our Enjoy The View campaign, I headed to California to meet with our photographer Joe Perri. Joe and I met through a mutual friend when I needed a local assistant on a shoot last summer in LA. As it turns out, Joe is a much better photographer than me and when we launched Tens in the Spring, I asked him if he could shoot a small selection of imagery for our Indiegogo campaign. Scotland was typically grey whilst California had the sun… what Joe produced was about 10x better than anyone else could’ve done, so naturally we got him onboard to shoot our main campaign. I wanted to shoot our ad-film alongside it, so headed out to LA for the weekend… 

Along for the trip was Joey, the owner of this awesome Vanagon. You should follow him here & check out some great medium format 3D shots he posted.

We left LA at 5AM, to begin the 6hr drive North to Mammoth. Initially I thought l’d have been better flying to San Francisco and making my own way there, but the drive proved to be more than worthwhile. As we headed North East out of LA, the landscape opened up in front of us…. 

After about 5hrs we started to hit van issues… the warm, humid temperature and elevation of the mountains did us no favours...

Whilst sitting on the side of the road is usually an uncomfortable affair, the landscape made it much more bearable. The sun-scorched terrain is like nothing I’ve seen outside of California.

Unfortunately the Van didn’t make it much further than that after a blown head gasket, so we all piled into my rental car for the last few miles. Condolences Joey! I hear she’s almost ready for the road again now though… 

    We camped just by Reds Meadow in Mammoth Lakes park. It’s the first time I’ve camped in the USA and been witness to a bear locker. Sadly, we didn’t see any bears. These winding roads through Mammoth Lakes were really quite beautiful. Fewer photos, much more film of this part of the trip. 

    One of the clearest Milky Ways I’ve seen in a while… Shot on Canon 6D + Tokina 11-16mm.

    Thank you for a wonderful trip with new friends; Joe, Mike, Rachel & Meredith… & Joey for these killer instants from his Mamiya Polaroid (a man with many cameras…)

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