Scotland to LA

Scotland to LA

Candid moments from our summer 2016 campaign

It all started on a road trip through the Scottish Highlands, a place where postcard-perfect summers are a rarity. On our adventures, we always found ourselves looking at the journey ahead, dreaming of a warmer, brighter view. It was on one particular adventure that we decided to bring this warmer & brighter view to reality.

It felt natural to tell the story of how the Tens concept was born, and this took us back to the snowy Highlands of Scotland.

With help from our UAV friends at Aerial Frontiers, we captured some of our fondest north Highland locations in all their wintery glory.

The journey then took us to California’s west coast, which at that time of year was a no-brainer! The schedule was pretty tight, working from sunrise to sunset - but with a trusty film camera in hand we were able to conclude our story with some BTS images.

Watch the video we shot below!


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