Surfing Double Island Point

Surfing Double Island Point

A Day Dream by Dom Stuart 

With a surf festival happening at our local haunt, we finally decided its time to venture to Double Island Point. A more remote point break 60 kilometre drive up the beach from Noosa.

After being kept awake by a stormy Queenstown night we were in two minds about the trip but decided to go for it despite the forecast of heavy rain all day.

 Whilst at the Gas station fuelling up and letting tyre pressures down we bumped into another local crew also en route to D.I, 2 cars became 3.

As it was our maiden voyage onto the beach in our borrowed car (1997 Suzuki Vitara) we were a little nervous at first but soon realised it could take it in its stride.

As always, the forecast was wrong. We spent the next 12 hours in beautiful sunshine.

 Cruising down the beach, windows down, surfing the wind with our hands in anticipation of what lies ahead.

After we leave the sand, a short burn down a 4x4 track winding over the headland and we are popped out facing North West overlooking a concertinaed ocean.

Lines and lines of waves floating towards us in a beautiful blue hue, hardly distinguishable from the sky.

Everybody was stoked. Like kids with an unexpected day off school. We surfed, we surfed again, I shot photos, I surfed again.

We found time to shovel some food into ourselves before the drive back. Racing the tides down the beach, we made it home, back to reality, back from our day dream.

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