Video: Tens 2018 Behind-the-Scenes

Video: Tens 2018 Behind-the-Scenes

You know what the say about a guy with a big camera? Big vibe.

Sure, we COULD have travelled to another tropical palm-dotted beach somewhere to find that winter sun, but y'know we've kinda done that already. This January we dropped the dial down by 40 degrees, and ended up in Eastern Europe of all places.

We packed our bags with very little personal supplies (had to make room for an alarming number of props) and headed to Vilnius, Lithuania to shoot Tens 2018. And of course, we made sure to bring our mom’s VHS camera along to document the trip.

Watch our behind-the-scenes film above, and enjoy some stills from the campaign below.


~ Written, directed & produced by Tens
~ Cinematography by Tom Welsh
~ Edited by Taylor Fawcett
~ Co-produced by Opiopio Creative
~ Makeup & hair by Raminta Gudėnaitė

~ Music by mtbrd

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