The Land of the Rising Sun

The Land of the Rising Sun

Exploring Japan with Sam & Jess

The six months of Winter in England’s Capital forces my girlfriend and I into spending copious nights in the deepest darkest depths of the year, plotting where we’re going to escape come Spring. This year, there was a particular draw to Japan. Having visited Tokyo for a severely short four days last year (we were on a RTW trip, it wasn’t a long weekend, that’d be bizarre) we knew we craved the land of the rising sun once again (any sun for that matter).

Here’s some images from our 13 day trip that saw us re-visit Tokyo for just under a week, embracing the inspiration that it oozes, before travelling South to Kyoto to explore the city’s temples. Continuing down country on the much famed Shinkansen, we arrived in Okayama, hopping on a local train to the coastal town of Uno as we caught the short ferry to Teshima and Naoshima, or the ‘Art Islands’ as they’re more widely known.



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