Watch: British Columbia by Tom Welsh

Watch: British Columbia by Tom Welsh

A collection of holiday memories from 10 days in BC, Canada, by Tens co-founder Tom Welsh


"After a commercial job I was DPing finished in Vancouver, I delayed my flight back to London and spent a thoroughly enjoyable week and a bit in the Canadian sun. I hadn't intended to shoot much but grabbed my camera right before I left Vancouver, taking the seaplane out to the Island - I thought it'd be worth shooting, and ended up grabbing little bits of the rest of the trip.

I shot less than 2 cards but it seemed a shame not to do anything with it.



Locations: Sooke, Vancouver Island, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park, Fraser River Reaction Ferry, LOTS of Highway 99.

Equipment: A7SII + SLR Magic 50/1.1 & Tokina 11-16/2.8 + Zhiyun Crane, PP8 Cine 4 + DELUTS

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