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Formerly cast in a bold, primary coloured scape, the Pigalle Duperreé basketball court has just been given a vibrant makeover. French fashion brand Pigalle teamed up with Parisian creative agency ILL-STUDIO & Nike to give the court site a vibrant makeover. The walls feature hot gradients and hues of fuchsia, dark blue, canary yellow and burnt orange.

The court re-up came as part of a new collaboration between Pigalle & NikeLAB, and is sandwiched between two apartment blocks in the 9th arrondissement of Paris. The colours match the '90s basketball aesthetic on which the collaboration is based upon.



"The anatomy of the human body as well as its performances have had a lifelong relationship with art, since the legacy of greek and roman antiquity, sport is represented as a dominant idea within the beauty of an era. This never-ending quest for modernity has forged a strong bond between functionality and aesthetics over the decades. Through this new court, we wish to explore the relationship between sport, art and culture and its emergence as a powerful socio-cultural indicator of a period in time. We aim to establish visual parallels between the past, present and future of modernism from the ‘Avant Garde’ era of the beginning of the 20th century, to the ‘open source’ times we live in today, and our interpretation of the future aesthetics of basketball and sport in general." - ILL-STUDIO


Images by Alex Penfornis & the court's set designer Sebastien Michelini.

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