Tens Prescription

In collaboration with our independent optical lab in Scotland we are pleased to offer each of our unique lens experiences or clear optical lenses fitted in your prescription.

To order your own pair of prescription Tens sunglasses or clear optical glasses simply follow the instructions below.


Select Frame & Colour


Select Your Lens


Send us your prescription

Browse at tens.co and select your frame and colour. Send us the frame name and colour (screenshots are also fine)

Select your unique Tens filter lens or a clear optical prescription lens. Email rx@tens.co with a copy of your prescription (dated within the past 12 months & including your PD) to place your order.


Prescription Requirements

Prescriptions must be dated within the past 12 months and be issued by a registered optometrist.

Your prescription must include your PD - Pupil Distance to ensure correct lens alignment. This information is often included with your prescription but if not you can measure it yourself at home.

1. Find a suitable ruler and stand in front of a mirror
2. Close your left eye and place the 0 mark of the ruler in the middle of your right pupil
3. Looking straight ahead, close your right eye and open your left eye
4. Read off the measurement from the middle of your left pupil - this is your PD


We can currently offer single vision lenses with SPH of +3.0 to -6.0 and CYL of +/-2.0. If in doubt, send us a copy of your prescription and our lab will confirm whether they can make it.



All prices are in addition to our standard frame prices.

Original ℞ Lens +£85

Boulevard ℞ Lens +£85

Tropic High ℞ Lens +£85

Spectachrome ℞ Lens +£65

Evergreen ℞ Lens +£65

Clear Optical w/ Anti-Reflection +£45

Clear Optical w/ Anti-Reflection & Blue Light Filter +£65

UK Shipping £7.50

Unfortunately we are currently unable to ship prescription outside of the UK.

Please note that we can only offer lens and frame colour combinations that are already available in our standard collection. For example Lilac Crystal frames are only available with a Boulevard ℞ lens.


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your lenses made?

Our lenses are made at our independent optical lab in the north of Scotland.

Can you deliver outside the UK?

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to offer shipping outside of the UK.

Will I get the non-prescription lens too?

No, you will only receive the prescription lenses, fitted into the frame.

How long will my order take?

Most prescription lenses take 2 weeks to make however during busy periods some delays may occur. We will do our best to inform you of your expected delivery time when you place your order.

What is your returns policy?

Unfortunately we are not able to accept returns on any prescription items as they have been custom fitted to your prescription.

Do you do Varifocal and Bifocal lenses?

Unfortunately we are not currently able to do varifocal or bifocal lenses.