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Best of the Month - Vol. 13

It's summer! We've been super busy here at Tens, launching our new website, new plant-based, 100% biodegradable collection and a new video! You can catch up with what we've been up to behind-the-scenes HERE, and check out our fresh new website HERE.

Seen it all before? Here are some nice things we've found recently for you to look at, listen to and read about...

Best of the Web

Childhood nostalgia alert! Crayola have teamed up with ASOS to release a new makeup line. We're loving its cruelty-free values, and the challenging of gender-norms with both male & female models represented in the campaign.

Written by David Bizzaro and directed by Mike Hayhurst, 'The Pits' is an endearing short film that follows a lonely avocado searching for its other half in the streets of NYC. Watch it HERE.

 Creative agency Rethink has crafted an LGBTQ+ flag that can stop bullets; The Pride Shield. The artwork was created in order to raise awareness around The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, which took place on Thursday 17 May.

DAZED unpacked some of the references in Childish Gambino's new video for 'This Is America'. The video not-so-subtly touches upon the country's gun violence, racism and the unmitigated distraction of it all. 

Designer Bastiaan Ekeler took photos of the Moon by attaching a Canon telephoto lens to his 1998 Game Boy Camera. He even managed to produce some nice background bokeh on some wildlife shots on the 2-bit, 14 kilopixel photo. 

Tens Soundtrack

Here are some of our office favourites, mostly new, some old. Who else should we be checking out? Visit our profile on Spotify to check out our previous months' soundtracks.

Who to Follow

Here are some of our favourite accounts to follow on Instagram. If you know anybody that we should be following, let us know! This month we've got @hanajayne_, @joyceleephoto, @70sbabes, @jeffreychung & a rare monochrome addition, @blackandwhitelooksbetter. 



At Tens we put our community first, no matter what it is that we're up to. Here's where we share some of our favourite customer photos with Tens from the last month. We love seeing your tags with Tens, so be sure to tag us in them for your chance to be featured!


Photos submitted (in order) by @kendral33, @trailofus, @valentineishere, @humansafari & @taliaclairewallis.


What things have you discovered this month? Are we missing anything? Message us on Facebook with suggestions!

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