Tens Moments of 2018 ☀️

Tens Moments of 2018 ☀️

Our friends wearing Tens and the stories behind them ✈️🌴✨

This year has been a big one for change - from our new website and brand, to Marty moving to Barcelona, Kris moving to London and us moving on up & moving on out of our Glasgow studio to a fully remote team. 2018 was a good one!

One of favourite things about Tens is seeing where you all take them - some of you have your trusty classics from our first crowdfunding campaign, and some of you got the first ever biodegradable Tens this year - and they travelled with you.

So, before we start counting down to Summer ‘19, let’s look back at some of our favourite Tens moments from this year…

“I was in Positano last summer when I took this, it was almost sunset and the view was amazing! I saw the view with the lens and thought I’d try to shoot a photo with Tens in front of my 35mm and that's it. That's the result. That day I was on a ride to Sorrento to visit my uncle and with my parents we decided to make a round and going to the costiera Amalfitana and to stop in Positano.”

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“I was at QC Termetorino, enjoying thermal pools and baths and a relaxing day with my boyfriend”

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“The plan was to go on a hiking trip throughout the Italian Alps but a injury on my calf prevented me from going. Instead we booked a last minute trip to Curaçao, explored the island and all it has to offer. The beautiful beaches offer the perfect setting for a relaxation getaway. My highlight was definitely our visit to Playa Porto Marie where wild, yet friendly pigs roam the beaches. Must visit, although watch your food and belongings carefully! They’re sneaky and won’t take no for an answer.”

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“I was in a small town called Leonidio in Peloponnese, Greece. I went there for a few days to relax with my three awesome friends Maria, Chris and James. All of them love photography and my friend Chris snapped this photo while the sun was setting.”

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“I took this photo at the end of November in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. I was there on a holiday with my family after not seeing them for almost a year (because I live in Rome and they live in Canada). We were there together for two weeks.This was taken at my favourite beach bar called Lio Beach. I would have my espresso there every morning and end up suntanning all day haha!”

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“This photo was taken at Osaka Castle, it was in April so the cherry blossoms were everywhere. We sort of picked this one as we like the pink tone of it the most. It was also our first and final full day of exploring Osaka before heading to Tokyo and we absolutely loved it there. Everywhere made us feel like we were in a Studio Ghibli film.”

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“This photo was taken in Cincinnati at about the halfway mark of the final cross country Vans Warped Tour. So at this point, we’ve been living on our tour bus for about 4 weeks, caravanning across the US with roughly 100 other buses, vans and semi trucks. We’re dirty, sweaty and loving the traveling circus lifestyle that is the Vans Warped Tour. This last year’s will remain one of my favourites of all time.”

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“I was travelling the east coast of Australia. When we took this photo I was on a boat to Whitsundays voted one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I’d been living in Australia for a year but hadn’t ever done much travelling so was really excited to be seeing the country for the first time with my best friend (and funnily enough a girl I had been talking to on Instagram for months ended up being there by chance too). It really was a beautiful moment and so glad it was caught on camera because it’s one of those rare times that the Instagram moment lives up to the reality. It really captured a feeling.”

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“It was an impromptu girls trip to Maui. We wanted to ditch the crowds on the beaches of Maui to explore the rocky coastline and do some cliff jumping. Should have realized to climb the hot rocks in shoes, but ended up just toughening up those carefree summer feet instead.”

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“Back in October, a group of friends from my hometown asked me to join them on a trip as we all always seek out opportunities to shoot photos and videos. A friend of mine has a house in northern Italy in the middle of Alps, so we decided to drive there. The final spot was a peak, over the lakes called “Laghi di Cancano” since we knew that during Fall, the colours would be incredible. And so it was! What we found there was an incredible contrast between the bright blue of the water and the warm oranges of the trees.”

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“It was taken in Aurora, Oregon at sunset on a nearly empty beach that turns super reflective once the tide goes out. I was with a group of friends and we were shooting off fireworks and reminiscing on old stories around a campfire!”

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“I was on holiday with my girlfriend, in Italy (Camogli, Liguria) - a hot afternoon spent visiting this small village”

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“When I brought the sunnies home, I caught Taro, my dog, eyeing them on the table (his favourite snack is to chew on people's sunglasses) I spent 3 days training him to balance things on his nose and when I saw the sunnies I just had to chuck them on him. I reckon he pulls them off better than I do. Stylish little pup that he is.”

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“We took 3 months off from our jobs and went on an adventure across South America - which has always been a dream of mine. We started in Cuba, then Mexico (this picture is from Tulum) down to Colombia and Peru. It's been an amazing time and we travelled only with our carry on small backpacks which was so refreshing (and difficult for me downsizing to 3 pairs of shoes haha). We got engaged in Cuba - hence the showing off of the ring haha! We had delicious food and I absolutely loved the music. It was so interesting to see how different each of the countries are culturally - they’re all united by language, but so beautiful in their own personal way.”

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“I remember that beautiful day. I had gone with my boyfriend at the sea in Italy... We waited for the sunset, eating a pizza together at the beach. It was a lovely experience! With these excellent lenses it was a breathtaking sunset!”️️️

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