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The Hoxton

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Designed in Scotland. Developed in France. Unisex frame.

Handcrafted sunglasses constructed in Italian acetate and featherweight, brushed finish stainless steel. Our custom filter lenses are exclusive to Tens, scratch & impact resistant and block 100% of harmful UV rays.

Includes a slimline, faux leather travel case and soft pouch.

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Optical Frames

*Our up to 60% sale discount applies to frames only and excludes the cost of prescription lenses.

Each of our frames can be fitted with your prescription in sunglasses and clear optical prescription lenses. Every order is hand fitted in our independent optical lab in Scotland and can be shipped worldwide.

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Our community’s like a secret society with a signature tinted lens instead of a complicated handshake.

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“Evergreen” produces a beautifully calming yet uplifting experience that bathes your world in verdurous, lush tones that lower stress levels and increase feelings of wellbeing. Featuring a crisp, forest green hue with strong cerulean tones, "Evergreen" elevates the sky into a pleasing teal. Its neutralising qualities and superior clarity lends moments of serenity, re-engaging your senses with nature.

Our Lenses

Tens unique lens filters are developed at our studio in the north of Scotland by a team with decades of experience in optical lenses. Working in lens colour development at the height of the sunglass industry, our lens colours are uniquely developed to promote wellbeing, delivering a rich and warming visual experience.

Tens Optical

In collaboration with our independent lab in Scotland we are pleased to offer each of our unique lens experiences or clear optical lenses in your prescription. All Tens prescription lenses offer 100% UVA & UVB protection and meet ANSI standards for impact resistance & optical clarity. Order your pair HERE.

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